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Qualityrent Denia

Information about Qualityrent Denia and the areas where we offer our holiday rentals

Since 2016 our company has been assigned officially to the program of "compromise in quality tourism" which is a spanish organisation called SICTED (Sistema integral de Calidad Turística Española en Destinos, in english it means something like "Integral system Spain for quality tourism on destinations"). This is a project which should proof and guaranty the quality of touristic places in Spain. The promotion and organization is in the hands of the first secretary in the state responsible for Tourism and in collaboration with FEMP which is the "spanish federation of provinces and villages".

All companies distinguished in this project are committed together to improve the tourist destination. The objective is to establish a connection between the existing companies and the destination to evolve positively in the tourist quality that is offered. In this way it is intended to increase the satisfaction of the customers that come to visit the destination. It is an added value for the companies, since the clients who look for a certain quality, know that in the project of SICTED continuous improvements are realized - both in the destination, as in the participating companies.

The joining companies have to fulfill a set of requirements and go through different evaluations until obtaining the SICTED badge. All participating companies are official and serious.

In general, the SICTED project means a promotion of the destination and offers quality in all tourist services. Each year the participation of touristic companies of the destination increases. It is the largest tourism quality project in Spain.

For more information you can visit the official website of SICTED by following link: Website SICTED

Quality Rent a Villa Denia
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03700 Denia
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